Culinary Lavender

What Type of Lavender is Edible?

Lavender is a member of the mint family and should be recognized for its culinary uses, as well as its scent and medicinal uses. 

There are currently 45 different species of lavender plants. English Lavender is the most commonly used lavender for culinary purposes. However, only one species of French Lavender - Provence - is used for cooking.

We have been only growing Provence Lavender for the last 13 years.

How To Use Culinary Lavender


The taste  of lavender can be strong, so use discreetly.  Add to fish dishes, oranges, and even chocolate.  Lavender adds intrigue to everything from stews and marinades to desserts.  Lavender mixed with sea salt can be used anywhere you would use salt. 


Suggestions for Use of Lavender:

- Use to flavor custards, creme brulee, homemade ice creams, cookies, sponge cakes and fruit salads

- Add a pinch to loose teas leaves before infusing for hot and cold teas- Sensational on chicken, fish, roast pork, or seared lamb chops

- Make sparkling lemonade or limeade with freshly squeezed lemons or limes, sugar, infused lavender and soda water. 

Dried Lavender


We do sell dried culinary lavender in bulk to other vendors or customers who would like to use them for spices or dishes.

Seasonal pricing. Our lavender is organic, GMO free, and no pesticides used. All of our lavender is hand-picked and dried at our Garden Valley nursery location.

Herbes De Provence


We do sell Herbes de Provence spice in a X oz glass container. Our Herbes contain: Fennel, Provence Lavender , Rosemary, . We do not put salt in our spices due to the dietary needs  and varying salt preferences of our buyers.

Lavender Salt


Our Lavender Salt comes in a X oz glass container. The two main ingredients are Provence Lavender and Sea Salt.



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