Raw Local Honey


 Treat yourself to local raw honey from our bee hives at our lavender farm and local garden!

We have been using Italian Honey Bees and Russian Honey Bees to pollinate our lavender fields and garden.

Typically a fall delivery every year, unless we have a surplus year. We sell 8 oz-12 oz jars with seasonal pricing. Raw honey comb is available by request only and it cannot be shipped.

Our 2019 honey is ready to sell! Harvested fresh at the end of October 2019. Please email us to place your order! We have both Lavender Honey from our Garden Valley Nursery and Wildflower Honey from our Nampa Garden. 


"We  loved the honey we got. My daughter is so mad at me that I won't share any of the honey with her!!" Ginnie Blackner


Q: Can I give my baby raw honey?

A: Absolutely not. ALL raw honey is not appropriate to give to children less than 1 years old.  We put a  warning label on all of the honey that we sell.

Q:  Why does honey have different colors and taste to them?

A:  Honey is like wine - each year the honey will taste a little different. It depends on what our bees pollinate. The majority of our honey that we sell comes from our hives that pollinate our lavender fields. The bees there also have access to wildflowers and clover. Our hives in Nampa have access to a variety of wildflowers, fruit trees, tomatoes, sunflowers, artichokes, melons, and onions. The honey from Nampa varies more from year to year due to this variety of plant pollen. Depending upon what pollen the bees collect it will in turn contribute to the color of the honey. Clover honey tends to be more dark amber, while Buckwheat honey tends to be a more light cream color.

Q: Do you sell raw honeycomb?

A: Yes we do. However, we have a very limited supply and we do not ship honeycomb. Our honeycomb is a first-come, first-served basis.

Q: Do you have a waiting list for honey?

A: We are busy enough that we are starting to take a waiting list with pre-orders for honey. We require name, amount of honey, and a good phone number to reach you at. You can email us at: grosnezlavenderbees@gmail.com to be placed on the list.